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Arai RX-7 Corsair Motorcycle Helmet Size Large Good


This used helmet is in good condition but IT NEEDS NEW SIDEPODS*.


*Not only are the sidepod graphics compromised, but the internal tabs are broken. The replaceable sidepods themselves are compromised; the sidepod bases (also replaceable) appear to be fine. Sidepod graphics are compromised because they were stored with tape holding them; helmet has not been crashed and otherwise the finish is in good condition.

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Photo Gallery

1/11: Right side view (note sidepod graphics scuffed)

2/11: Front right 3/4 view

3/11: Front left 3/4 view

4/11: Left side view (this sidepod scuffed too)

5/11: Left rear 3/4 view

6/11: Rear view

7/11: Visor included; will not work without new sidepods

8/11: Top view close up

9/11: Top view

10/11: Inside view

11/11: Rear view close up