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Harley-Davidson Leather Motorcycle Jacket Mens Large


Vintage Harley-Davidson leather jacket. Pre-owned and authentically pre-distressed. Owned by non-smoker. Sturdy-weight leather. Not a new garment; rather, shows appropriate patina for a street motorcycle jacket. No grease or oil. Satin-like inside lining showing tears and leather has scuffs and wear.


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Photo Gallery

1/8: Front view

2/8: Rear view

3/8: Harley-Davidson patch detail

4/8: Right sleeve and right breast decorations

5/8: Right lapel details (shows inner lining satin-like material as well)

6/8: Left breast pocket details

7/8: Appropriate patina, scuffed and worn

8/8: One cuff inner liner frayed (and otherwise torn inside main jacket shell (not shown)