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Pinarello Time Trial Frame Aluminum Carbon 56cm w Fork


Classic Pinarello time trial frame from the aluminum-carbon era. This bike won a Texas state time trial championship. This auction lot includes the frame, carbon fork and carbon seatpost, as well as incidental items such as adjustable cable stops, headset bearings and top race, and a seat post spacer.

White paint is in good condition but shows scuffs, primarily from rubbing cables. All carbon fiber—including rear seat stay unit, fork and seatpost—is in good condition, showing only minor scratches and scuffs.

Note threadless headset and threaded bottom bracket. Pre-owned (used) frame, fork and seatpost.


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Photo Gallery

1/17: Right side profile

2/17: Shark Carbon Fork by Pinarello included

3/17: Almost all clear-coated decals in good condition

4/17: Primary decal flaw shown in this photo (compromised "P" at right)

5/17: Right chainstay shows largest area of grunge (around stay protector)

6/17: Right head tube profile shows threadless headset detail

7/17: Detail of Profile Design "FFC" carbon seatpost

8/17: Left side profile

9/17: Head triangle detail; note adjustable cable stops

10/17: Seat tube detail

11/17: Left chain stay (slight discoloration on seat tube from computer mount is permanent)

12/17: Water bottle bosses on down tube only

13/17: Generous stack height remains on fork (note well that a removable spacer is shown in this picture above the necessary aluminum bearing top race)

14/17: Head tube logo

15/17: Bottom bracket detail (traditional threaded bottom bracket)

16/17: Fork cap detail

17/17: Bottom of bottom bracket