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Shimano Tiagra 50W LRSA Big Game Fishing Reel in Box


Lightly used off-shore fishing reel in original box with owner documents and companion wrench.


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1/14: Lot includes original box, documents and wrench

2/14: A few scuffs but otherwise good condition cosmetically

3/14: Chrome in good shape

4/14: Shimano label on handle features worst blemish

5/14: Close up of clean chrome, scuffed aluminum, slightly corroded mounting bolts

6/14: Bottom view

7/14: Another angle

8/14: Another bottom view

9/14: Side view

10/14: Another side view showing depth of (minor) scratches

11/14: Other items included in this lot

12/14: Original package not pristine

13/14: Another view of original package

14/14: Package details