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Shimano TLD 25 Graphite Fishing Reel In Box


Our selling client is selling fishing gear after selling his boat. This reel was purchased for guests. The reel is in good shape but has a few cosmetic blemishes. Mechanism operates smoothly and sounds good. Internals feel properly lubricated. Appears to be in good working order based on winding the reel and straining the drag on various lever settings.


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1/13: TLD 25 Graphite Fishing Reel

2/13: Lot includes reel, box, owners documents, companion wrench and factory-supplied oil

3/13: Chrome lever of handle has minor corrosion; other metallic surfaces clean

4/13: Side view

5/13: 3/4 view; rod-attachment bolts slightly corroded

6/13: Bottom 3/4 view

7/13: 3/4 view shows end cap in good condition

8/13: Another view of end cap

9/13: Reverse top view

10/13: Bottom front view

11/13: Other in-box items included in auction

12/13: Box is not pristine

13/13: Box detail