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Polo Alligator Mens Shoes Oxford 10 1/2 Black Men's


Black alligator hide shoes are not new, but certainly have much useful life in them, especially for more formal use. Interior brand markings have faded but these are Polo shoes sized 10 1/2. Could be worn as they are, but would benefit from new soles and new laces soon.


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1/12: Sharp Polo alligator cap toe oxfords

2/12: Left shoe, outside profile

3/12: Left shoe, inside profile

4/12: Left shoe, front portrait

5/12: Left shoe, backside portrait

6/12: Inside right shoe, note faded "Polo" label

7/12: Right shoe, front portrait

8/12: Right shoe, right profile

9/12: Right shoe, inside profile

10/12: Right shoe, backside portrait

11/12: Left shoe, interior shot showing wear (yes, very small rear seam is torn)

12/12: Rear view of both shoes