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Shimano Trinidad 20 Aluminum Fishing Reel in Box


Our client sold his boat so he is selling the gear he purchased for guest use. This reel has a few scuffs and minor scars, but operates smoothly. All of the mechanisms operate with good feel and everything seems appropriately lubed and adjusted. Plenty of useful life left in this reel.


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1/12: Shimano Trinidad 20 reel in box (made in Japan)

2/12: Business end

3/12: Bottom (rod mounting bolt threads lightly corroded--not shown)

4/12: End cap

5/12: End cap's primary blemish

6/12: Worst cosmetic issue here on handle lever

7/12: Slight abbrasion on aluminum body here

8/12: Handle looks great

9/12: Includes reel, original box, owner documents and companion wrench

10/12: Box in good shape

11/12: Box details

12/12: One more box shot (purchased summer 2006)