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Shimano Tiagra 50W LRSA Big Game Fishing Reel in Box


Lightly used off-shore fishing reel in original box with owner documents and companion wrench. Our selling client sold his boat and we are now offering items that were purchased originally for use buy guests on his boat. Very similar to a reel we sold recently. This is a separate reel. Other than this one we have no more.


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1/14: Tiagra 50W salt water fishing reel, used

2/14: Includes reel, original box, companion wrench and owner documents

3/14: Reel control details

4/14: Bright chrome

5/14: Aluminum body has slight scuffs and scratches

6/14: Another angle of reel body

7/14: Bottom of reel; rod-mounted hardware has slight corrosion

8/14: One more angle of reel body

9/14: End cap not new but no serious gouges

10/14: Another angle of end cap

11/14: Crank handle in good condition

12/14: Original box shows wear

13/14: Box is structurally sound, but cosmetically compromised

14/14: Original box details