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Viking 30" Refrigerator and Freezer Pair New Display


Factory new but not in box. This Viking refrigerator and freezer pair was a showroom display set at a retailer in San Antonio. Purchased in 2007, they have been in storage since.


Shipping / Pick Up


Buyer pays shipping. For a freight cost quote, please email us with your delivery address and indicate if it is a business or residence. We will invoice the buyer for the auction final value plus shipping. Our shipping broker estimates freight charges on this item at $900 (the two units will be packaged separately and shipped together). The charge is a function of:

  1. Delivery address type: delivery to business addresses is less expensive than to residential ones
  2. Location: shipping to addresses nearer to Fredericksburg, Texas and to larger cities is less expensive than more remote addresses.


Photo Thumbnails

Photo Gallery

1/11: Side-by-side design

2/11: Capacious and well-appointed interiors

3/11: Refrigerator interior

4/11: Refrigerator lower interior

5/11: Freezer interior lower detail

6/11: Refrigerator upper corner (smudges are fingerprints only; easily cleaned)

7/11: Freezer interior detail

8/11: Freezer upper interior detail

9/11: Freezer upper corner

10/11: Refrigerator label

11/11: Freezer label