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True Religion Brand Jeans Mens Zip 32 x 33


We have sold many pairs of True Religion Brand Jeans for our selling client and we think this is the best pair. The denim is darker indigo than most of the others we have sold, the stitching is two-tone gold/copper color, and the slight factory distressing is apparent but not extreme. Our client's ex-wife bought him many pairs of True Religions, but he has since moved to the country and now wears only his preferred fit.


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1/11: Rear pocket detail

2/11: Left rear pocket and stitching detail

3/11: Right rear pocket detail

4/11: Label detail

5/11: Slight factory distressing on rear waist

6/11: Rear full-length view

7/11: Right front pocket detail

8/11: Left front pocket detail

9/11: Front detail

10/11: Factory tag and interior details

11/11: Front full-length view