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Reed & Barton Lark Sterling Silver Flatware 11 Place


This auction item includes 11 four-piece place settings, sterling silver serving utensils, salad serving utensils, and several additional place setting pieces.


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1/18: Full contents of this auction

2/18: Maker's mark "Reed & Barton"

3/18: Place setting

4/18: Serving utensils

5/18: Salad utensils (black plastic with sterling silver handles)

6/18: Slight blemishes on several pieces, none larger than these

7/18: Another blemish

8/18: Imperfections are minor

9/18: Salad forks (12 total)

10/18: Dinner forks (11 total)

11/18: Dinner knives (11 total)

12/18: Teaspoons (17 total)

13/18: Bottom view: salad servers and serving utensils

14/18: Bottom view: place setting

15/18: Bottom view" salad forks

16/18: Bottom view: dinner forks

17/18: Reverse view: knives

18/18: Bottom view: spoons