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Shimano Tallus Blue Water Fishing Rod Conventional


Used fishing rod in good condition. Rod has had little use. Selling owner sold his boat and is trying to find homes for all of the equipment that he purchased for guests.


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1/16: Shimano Tallus Blue Water Series Conventional Rod

2/16: Full-length view

3/16: Rod label

4/16: Rod specifications

5/16: Handle shows light use

6/16: Details

7/16: Foam grip in good condition; not blemished or otherwise compromised

8/16: Fuji reel mount

9/16: Reel mount details

10/16: Heel end

11/16: Base eyelet

12/16: Another eyelet

13/16: More eyelets

14/16: Even more eyelets

15/16: Yet more eyelets

16/16: Tip eyelet