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2008 MV Augusta F4 312R Motorcycle 1,156 miles


One owner, low mileage and pristine condition. Never ridden in the rain. No accidents. Never dropped.


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Photo Gallery

1/44: Left profile

2/44: Left profile detail

3/44: Left profile front

4/44: Left 3/4 view

5/44: Left profile rear

6/44: Right profile

7/44: Right profile rear

8/44: Right profile detail

9/44: More right side detail

10/44: Yet more right side detail

11/44: Still more right side detail

12/44: Right front profile

13/44: Tank graphics

14/44: More graphics

15/44: Front view

16/44: Front view close up

17/44: Carbon front fender (separate painted OEM fender included, see photo #41)

18/44: Mirror/turn signal detail

19/44: Rear exhaust and lighting/turn signal cluster. This "eliminator kit" moves turn signals, brake- and tail lamps inside the bike's bodywork (original item included, see photo #41)

20/44: Turn signals

21/44: Left rear body details

22/44: Right rear body details

23/44: Odometer: 1,156 miles

24/44: Tachometer

25/44: Throttle-side details

26/44: Cockpit details (note carbon fiber ignition key surround)

27/44: More cockpit details

28/44: Front end details

29/44: Drivetrain details

30/44: Left footpeg

31/44: Left profile details

32/44: Endcap

33/44: Drive details

34/44: More drive details

35/44: Rear tire

36/44: Rear wheel

37/44: Rear hub

38/44: Exhaust detail

39/44: Air intake detail

40/44: Exhaust underside

41/44: Factory parts also included (not installed)

42/44: More factory parts included (not installed)

43/44: This original plastic ignition surround (included) is replaced on the bike by a carbon fiber version (see photos #26 and #27)

44/44: Owner documents/brochure included