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Wild Heerbrugg N10 Survey Level Clean w Case N 10


1964 vintage survey level in very good condition with case (case is in rough condition). All mechanisms operate with fine precision and feel; clear optics. Paint, aluminum and glass all robust with very few scuffs/little tarnish. Top of leveling posts showing slight oxidation. Some slight grime on ridged lens hood interior surfaces (outside of glass and exposed; accessible and cleanable).


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1/25: Side A view

2/25: Front view

3/25: Side B view

4/25: Rear view

5/25: Quartering view 1

6/25: Quartering view 2

7/25: Quartering view 3

8/25: Quartering view 4

9/25: Top view

10/25: Bubble level detail

11/25: Very slight oxidation on leveling post

12/25: Operator's view

13/25: Front view

14/25: Control knobs look good and provide precise feel

15/25: Robust paint

16/25: Case top (coated canvass strap deteriorated)

17/25: Case top and handle

18/25: Case quartering view

19/25: More strap detail

20/25: Opposite strap/handle detail

21/25: Side A view

22/25: Side B view

23/25: Bottom view

24/25: Fine tuning instrument shows rust

25/25: Instrument nests in inverted position