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Penn Senator 14/0 117 Big Game Fishing Reel


Used reel shows minor pitting on chrome. Otherwise showing slight age grime; mostly old lubricants that WD-40 seems to take off in combination with elbow grease. We cleaned it up for the photos but did not give it a full Q-Tip detailing. Operates smoothly. We have moved all levers and switches, tightened the drag and cranked the handle. All seems well adjusted and well lubricated.


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1/16: Crank side full view

2/16: Palm side full view

3/16: Crank side details showing minor grime

4/16: More crank side details

5/16: Handle scuffed but intact

6/16: Chrome here in good shape

7/16: Only spot with material corrosion

8/16: Slight pitting on chrome here

9/16: Manufacturer maker's mark

10/16: Interior details

11/16: More interior details

12/16: Cross bars show minor pitting

13/16: Chrome on mounting base in roughest shape

14/16: Interior details

15/16: Portrait view

16/16: Model designation