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Rohl Shaw's RC3618 Fireclay Apron Front Kitchen Sink Flawed


This virtually new Rohl Shaw's sink is fully functional but has small hairline cracks at its drain hole. This flaw perhaps makes it suitable for secondary locations only. Otherwise new, this sink was initially installed and held water, but because of the small hairline cracks the manufacturer replaced it. We are listing it with the expectation that a buyer will find value in it for use in a secondary sink application.




Buyer pays shipping. Our shipping broker estimates freight charges on this item at +/- $220 (would likely be less than $200 to a business address, and over $300 to a very remote address). For a freight cost quote, please email us with your delivery address and indicate if it is a business or residence. We will invoice the buyer for the auction final value plus shipping. The charge is a function of:

  1. Delivery address type: delivery to business addresses is less expensive than to residential ones
  2. Location: shipping to addresses nearer to Fredericksburg, Texas and to larger cities is less expensive than more remote addresses.

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Photo Thumbnails

Photo Gallery

1/11: Rectangular sink

2/11: Side view

3/11: Crack visible upon close inspection; sink was installed and residual silicone remains in place.

4/11: Hairline crack is the focus here to show its minor width

5/11: Pennies illustrate the scope of the flaws

6/11: Cracks are visible but not necessarily apparent

7/11: More detail showing minor width of cracks

8/11: Photo without pennies

9/11: Broader view

10/11: Maker's mark

11/11: Apple iPhone juxtaposition illustrates overall sink size