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Leather Motorcycle Racing Suit Fila Ducati Berik Breil


Used but excellent condition. High quality Berik brand leather racing suit featuring Fila Ducati Breil Livery Worn and used on bike but suit has very few hours.


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1/24: Leather Motorcycle Racing Suit Fila Ducati Breil

2/24: Rear view

3/24: Upper front

4/24: Middle front

5/24: Lower front

6/24: Right arm

7/24: Left arm

8/24: Collar and maker's tag

9/24: Right shoulder

10/24: Left shoulder

11/24: Upper back

12/24: Middle back

13/24: More middle back

14/24: Middle back and seat

15/24: Seat

16/24: Right arm elbow

17/24: Arm logos

18/24: Upper shoulder and spine armor

19/24: Patch

20/24: Arm cuff

21/24: Leg cuff

22/24: Knee pucks show very slight abrasion

23/24: Elbows both in fine shape

24/24: Pleating