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Nikon D50 Camera and Lens Bundle in Box


Great camera in great condition; takes terrific photos and kit is complete with SD card plus all original documents and manuals. Perfect starter DSLR!


Photo Thumbnails

Photo Gallery

1/19: D50 and other hardware included

2/19: Front view camera body only

3/19: Rear view

4/19: Right side

5/19: Left side

6/19: Left 3/4 view

7/19: Right 3/4 view camera, lens, strap

8/19: Left 3/4 view camera lens, strap

9/19: Front view

10/19: Rear view

11/19: Top view

12/19: Bottom view

13/19: User's perspective

14/19: Front top view

15/19: Original manuals, software and other documents

16/19: Original box

17/19: Box side view

18/19: Box alternate side view

19/19: Camera and lens serial numbers