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Specialized 26er FSR Epic Comp 2010 Mountain Bike Large


One owner Texas-based road cyclist has used this bike infrequently in mountains of New Mexico and Idaho. Purchased summer of 2010, primarily used only in the month of August while on road trips; little use at home. Approaching approximately 50 hours of total use. Constantly maintained. Brakes bled recently before August 2012 road trip; bike performed flawlessly up and down (and side-to-side) mountain trails. Owned by long-time bike shop mechanic; always stored upright (ceiling suspended). Serial Number M9GK27396.

Cosmetic blemishes include small scratches to decals, paint and components, as documented in photos. Hand grips are dingy and scuffed; bike would profit from new grips.

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Photo Thumbnails

Photo Gallery

1/34: Right profile

2/34: Left profile

3/34: Left front 1/3

4/34: Left middle 1/3

5/34: Left rear 1/3

6/34: Right rear 1/3

7/34: Right middle 1/3

8/34: Right front 1/3

9/34: Rear mechanism

10/34: Rear brake and "Brain" cylinder

11/34: Left rear brake; primary scratches in frame paint

12/34: Right crank and front mechanism

13/34: Left crank

14/34: Right view of front brake and fork

15/34: Left view of front brake and fork

16/34: Main shock

17/34: Head tube

18/34: Front view

19/34: Front tire in good condition

20/34: Rear tire features light tread

21/34: Front shock tuning

22/34: Main shock detail

23/34: Rear brake lever

24/34: Front brake lever

25/34: Rear shift lever

26/34: Front shock tuning detail

27/34: Underside of bottom bracket

28/34: Seat adjust clamp

29/34: Blemish to decal here

30/34: Blemish on seat mast here from Big Air canister mount and seat bag

31/34: Blemish to decal here

32/34: Serial number detail

33/34: SKU detail

34/34: Documents and accessories also included