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Apple MacBook Laptop Computer 13" White Lion OS-X


White 13" Apple MacBook laptop computer. Good cosmetic and mechanical condition. Great for a student, backup system for home, or perfect second travel computer. Does NOT run Mountain Lion.


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1/15: One Great 13" White MacBook

2/15: Aesthetically appealing; Screen very clean without scuffs or scratches

3/15: Mechanically sound

4/15: Multitude of ports; more detailed photo nearby

5/15: Keyboard very clean

6/15: Another view of clean keyboard

7/15: Case has only very minor scuffs; so minor difficult to photograph

8/15: Another view of outer case

9/15: Another view of outer case

10/15: Another view of outer case

11/15: Ports

12/15: Bottom in good condition

13/15: Another view of bottom

14/15: One more bottom view

15/15: Other included items shown here