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iPhone 5 16GB + packaging + accessories, water damaged


Extremely clean iPhone 5 16GB purchased late December 2013. Does not operate, due to water damage. Includes very clean unblemished packaging. Also includes original accessories still in original factory packaging. This phone does not power on.


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1/18: Back of water damaged iPhone 5 16GB

2/18: Back of iPhone, alternate view

3/18: Front view

4/18: Front side view

5/18: Front top view

6/18: Front side view

7/18: Box top, side view

8/18: Box top. bottom view

9/18: Box top, side view

10/18: Box top, top view

11/18: Document tray

12/18: Accessories in original factory-packaged condition

13/18: Accessories in original factory-packaged condition

14/18: Box bottom, bottom view

15/18: Box bottom, top view

16/18: Box bottom, side view

17/18: Box bottom, side view

18/18: Box bottom, S/N and other details