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iPhone 5 16GB Damaged but Powers On


iPhone 5 16GB Damaged but Powers On Black and Slate (AT&T)


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1/12: The phone works and the screen is good, but;

2/12: The top of the phone is comprehensively damaged.

3/12: Another view of case damage.

4/12: Damaged on this side too; power switch does not work.

5/12: Power socket and headphone socket undamaged

6/12: Case is mangled.

7/12: Screen is in good shape but case is mangled on front top.

8/12: Box is not perfect but not bad.

9/12: Small blemish on box front.

10/12: Back of box in good condition

11/12: Model and Serial Number Details

12/12: Includes phone and these items; but NO cord, charger or headphones.