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Pentax Auto 110 Film Camera Ensemble


Pentax Auto 110 Film Camera Ensemble


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1/26: Pentax Auto 110 Film Camera Body, Flash and Motor Wind

2/26: Assembled Camera Ensemble

3/26: Everything You See Here

4/26: One 50mm lens shows ghosting on inside front element

5/26: Lense ensemble (plus one more 50mm on the camera, not shown)

6/26: Skylight filter fits 24mm lenses

7/26: Rear detail

8/26: Right side detail

9/26: Left side detail

10/26: Front detail

11/26: Top detail

12/26: Film advance lever detail

13/26: Viewfinder detail

14/26: Back detail

15/26: Flash detail

16/26: 50mm lens detail

17/26: 18mm lens detail

18/26: 24mm lens detail

19/26: Bag front detail

20/26: Bag back detail

21/26: Bag bottom detail

22/26: Bag interior partial view

23/26: Bag label detail

24/26: Original instruction booklet

25/26: Minor scuffs on motor winde body

26/26: Travel bags in bad shape; flash bag not too bad