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Rollei 35 S Compact Film Camera and Case


Rollei 35 S Compact Film Camera and Case


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1/23: Camera Front, with (included) lens cap

2/23: Camera Front, without lens cap

3/23: Camera Back

4/23: Made in Singapore

5/23: Camera Top

6/23: The light meter needle and other indicators react to inputs as expected.

7/23: Operator's View

8/23: Camera Bottom

9/23: Film Counter

10/23: Bottom of Extended Lens.

11/23: Camera Right Side

12/23: Camera Left Side

13/23: Camera Inside, Film Pressure Plate

14/23: Camera Inside: The Battery Lives Under that Silver Cap (which is threaded)

15/23: Camera Back Inside

16/23: Camera View Finder and Film Advance Lever Lock

17/23: Logo on Camera Case

18/23: Camera Case

19/23: Camera Case Side (case made in Germany)

20/23: Camera Case Other Side

21/23: Camera Case Top

22/23: Camera Case Bottom

23/23: Camera Case Back