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New OEM Floor Mats 2017 Volkswagen Golf (MK7) Sportwagen Alltrack S


These new OEM floor mats were removed from the car before delivery and replaced with premium rubber mats. Their condition is new.


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1/11: Complete Set Of Four Unused Floor Mats, Black

2/11: Front Mat 1, Carpet Up Side

3/11: Front Mat 1, Underside

4/11: Front Mat 2, Carpet Up Side

5/11: Front Mat 2, Underside

6/11: Rear Mat 1, Carpet Up Side

7/11: Rear Mat 1, Underside

8/11: Rear Mat 2, Carpet Up Side

9/11: Rear Mat 2, Manufacturing Details

10/11: Floor Mat Label Detail

11/11: "60-Minutes" Iso-Locators